How to Get Faster High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas

MCSnet provides 5 suggestions for improving your high-speed internet in rural areas.

It’s a reality that living in a rural community can sometimes mean that rural internet options are not as fast as in suburban areas or in the city. However, we at MCSnet believe that shouldn’t be the case and we’ve worked hard, and will continue to do so, to bring better and more dependable infrastructure to break down the barriers of internet access. Here are some simple ways you can improve the speed of your internet at home or at work.

Check Your Data Usage

If you are near your data cap for the month, you will notice a substantial reduction in your internet speed. You can check on your current usage by logging into your MCSnet account. If you seem to consistently come close to, or surpass the data limit of your plan, it might be time to consider a more robust plan to speed up your internet.

Install Malware & Virus Software

When you make sure that your computer has proper antivirus software, it can help a lot to improve your internet speed. Malware and viruses can make your computer’s functionality sluggish and your internet grind to an inconveniently slow pace. Keep that software up-to-date!

Install an Ad Blocker

You’re trying to access some content and here comes the barrage of pop-up ads. They are ubiquitous and have become a feature of using the internet these days. They can also be a culprit in slowing down your internet speed. Ad blockers now usually prevent auto-play on videos as well. If you install an ad blocker it might help add a little more juice to your internet.

Enable Low-Data Mode

Many devices such as phones, tablets, and even some websites you may come across (MCSnet’s website has this feature in the top right corner) may have a low data mode you can enable. This allows you not only to save on the amount of data you are using on your plan, it can also speed up your experience and help your internet download elements much faster.

Install a Second Router

Some customers in rural areas find that installing a second router in their home can help boost speed.  This is especially true if a certain floor or room doesn’t get the best reception in the first place. 

For more information on what to do if your internet speed is slow, check out our blog “5 Tips to Unleash Your Internet Speed Potential” on our blog.

MCSnet makes it our mission to bring the power of the internet to rural communities. That’s why we offer high speed wireless service and a growing fiber optic network in rural Alberta and in western Saskatchewan.
Residents and business owners in small towns and rural communities deserve high-quality, fast, and reliable internet access, and we do our best every day to bring that to our customers.

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