What Is the Best High-Speed Rural Internet Option?

25 years ago, when MCSnet began, the internet was a much different place. We all remember the screeching sounds of dial-up, and perhaps a phone call or two cutting us off from MSN with friends.

Today, the options for rural connections are more vast than ever. Whether you’re video-chatting with family from your acreage or running an agricultural business with an advanced supply chain, the internet has come a long way in the countryside. 

Rural High-Speed Wireless Internet

Connections are better than ever, but with that comes a whole lot of choice. Let’s explore the top three rural internet options to help decide which is best for you.

3. Satellite Internet

Pinging data from space and back, satellite internet harnesses dishes to transmit signals to your home. In remote areas, this connection is a great option, since it can work without wires or cables.

But satellite internet can be spotty. Trees, buildings, weather, and solar flares can all impact your connection, making it tough to maintain fast speeds.

If you’re in a rural community that lacks cable or wireless internet infrastructure, satellite internet still provides reliable service to get you connected.

2. Cable Internet

Rather than phone lines, cable internet taps into coaxial lines that connect most urban households to TV. This technology was common in the early 21st century, but less so in recent years.

On the plus side, cable internet is a little faster than satellite, making it built for heavier streaming and surfing.

In rural areas, cable internet isn’t widely available, so you may have trouble finding a provider if you’re in a small town, village, or remote location. During high usage times, your connection can get interrupted since homes and businesses in the same vicinity share bandwidth.

1. Wireless Internet

Sending radio waves from receivers, wireless internet transmits powerful signals toward satellites across the province.

The multipoint technology is perfect for homeowners who stream videos, play online games, and FaceTime with loved ones. It’s also great for remote-working businesses that rely on video conferencing, cloud networks, smart devices, and security systems.

Flexible and adaptive, fixed wireless internet can be installed in nearly any rural community, with no cables or digging required. At MCSnet, we customize the signals coming from our towers, working around hills, trees, and landscapes with precision and care. Conducting regular tests and enhancements, our technicians are relentless in finding top-notch internet connections for our customers.

With wireless internet, the potential for advancement in rural communities is endless. As technology evolves, more and more data will be transmitted at higher speeds.

Across northern Alberta and eastern Saskatchewan, we’ve installed 545 towers to give you the best signal possible. In summer 2020, we’re building 500 km of Fiber to Tower connections, so keep watching to see if your community is next.

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