MCSnet Accessibility Plan 2024-2026

1 General

1.1 Statement of Commitment

MCSnet is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all employees, clients, and stakeholders in alignment with the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). This Accessibility Plan outlines the strategies and actions MCSnet will take to identify, prevent, and remove barriers to accessibility, ensuring equal opportunity and participation for everyone.

 1.2 Contact Information & Feedback Process

You can submit feedback about accessibility or this plan by contacting:

Heather Starosielski – Chief Operations Officer


866 390 3928 x263

PO Box 98

St. Paul, AB

T0A 3A0


1.3 Alternative Formats

You can request alternative formats of this plan, and a description of our feedback process by contacting:

Heather Starosielski – Chief Operations Officer


Phone:  866 390 3928 x263


PO Box 98

St. Paul, AB

T0A 3A0

We will provide the following alternative formats within 15 days of the initial request: 

  • Print 
  • Large print (increased font size) 

We will provide the following alternative formats within 45 days of the initial request: 

  • Braille (a system of raised dots for  people who are blind or who have low vision so can read with their fingers) 
  • Audio (a recording of someone reading the text out loud)

2. Areas Described under Section 5 of the ACA (Accessible Canada Act) 

2.1 The Built Environment

The built environment priority area refers to all MCSnet physical spaces under federal jurisdiction. This includes considering accessibility features, such as automated door openers, accessible washrooms, lighting, signage, and noise. 

What we are doing well

MCSnet complies with building codes and requirements for physical accessibility in its office spaces. MCSnet works hard to ensure that our premises are accessible. We complete repairs and replacements as necessary. 

MCSnet has emergency procedures, plans and public safety information available. We have developed emergency procedures for all employees. These procedures are communicated to the employees’ respective managers and safety personnel. 

Our plan

  • MCSnet will review signage and take into consideration tactile considerations (ie., Braille).
  • MCSnet will explore the possibility of installing auditory or visual cues in our office in the case of an evacuation.
  • MCSnet’s JHSC will ensure adequate training for Managers regarding accessibility.
  • MCSnet will continue to budget for repairs and replacements related to accessibility.


2.2 Employment 

The Employment priority area covers an employee’s experience at MCSnet. It starts from the recruitment and onboarding process. It ends when the individual leaves the organization. It also includes accommodation and short and long-term disability absences from work. 

What we are doing well

MCSnet works hard to promote inclusivity and accessibility in attracting potential employees to our organization. We recruit at in-person career fairs, online, and in print media. 

MCSnet asks for feedback from our staff through surveys and our annual Employee Satisfaction Survey.

We regularly review and audit our policies, practices and programs to ensure we are making progress towards inclusion and accessibility. 

We support employees with workplace accommodations in consultation with the employee and any other professional (ie. medical doctor) when necessary.

Our plan

  • We will conduct a further review of the current state of the accommodations process at MCSnet, including awareness among team members regarding the process.
  • We will continue to promote and support accessibility across the organization and ensure that accessibility events, activities, programs, and support resources are promoted and available to all employees. 
  • We will formalize an accessibility feedback process for employees. 
  • MCSnet will review accessibility training needs with the organization and work to offer more training based on accessibility best practices.


2.3 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The ICT priority area relates to the technologies our employees and customers use. This includes hardware, software, assistive devices and all other aspects of technology.

What we are doing well

MCSnet works diligently to ensure our website and apps meet the latest accessibility standards.

All team members at MCSnet use Google Workspace, which provides a range of accessibility features. 

Our plan

  • MCSnet will review our key webpages for meeting certain WCAG (Website Content Accessibility Guidelines).
  • MCSnet will provide further training and communications to employees on the accessibility features built into Google Workspace.


2.4 Communication, other than ICT 

The Communication priority area relates to communication with employees and customers. This includes print materials and publications. It also includes digital communications such as websites, digital materials and e-newsletters. Presentations and other methods of communication are also covered.

What we are doing well

Communication is fundamental to the work we do at MCSnet. We are committed to meeting the communication needs of persons with disabilities.

The MCSnet website is a great resource for people with disabilities. It provides clear, easy-to-navigate information. We also offer ways for people with disabilities to provide feedback on accessibility.

Our marketing team follows accessibility guidelines. They write social media posts and advertising in plain language. Our marketing team also creates media for various days of significance for accessibility throughout the year.

In 2024, MCSnet conducted an employee survey regarding disabilities in the workplace. Of the respondents, 80% (24 out of 30 responses) identified as not having a disability. 

Our plan

  • MCSnet will work to build awareness among our employees regarding accessible communication practices.
  • MCSnet will work to ensure that documents are offered in accessible formats.
  • MCSnet will continue to ensure our social media content can be accessed by all. They will include alternative text on images and closed video captioning where possible.
  • MCSnet will consider additional accessible ways to market its products and services to persons with disabilities.
  • MCSnet will consult annually with its employees regarding accessibility and disabilities in the workplace.


2.5 The Procurement of Goods, Services and Facilities 

The Procurement priority area relates to how goods, services, and facilities are purchased by MCSnet. This includes the evaluation process leading up to making purchases. It also includes ensuring that all documents related to procurement are accessible and have accessibility considerations in mind.

Our plan

  • Being a rural ISP, MCSnet is more limited in having a wide range of available vendors for procuring goods and services that have accessibility in mind. We will review procurement-related documents and review procedures to improve accessibility where possible.
  • MCSnet will learn more about best practices for accessible procurement.


2.6 The Design and Delivery of Programs and Services 

This priority area focuses on making all MCSnet programs and services accessible to all. It involves considering persons with disabilities when creating programs and services and requires us to continuously improve them.

What we are doing well

  • MCSnet is committed to providing goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.
  • We train all public-facing employees to provide excellent customer service to all customers, including those with disabilities.
  • MCSnet offers accessible support to customers by telephone. We accommodate customers with support persons.
  • We welcome feedback from customers, especially from persons with disabilities.
  • MCSnet has community investment programs for all persons, including those with disabilities, such as our Community Connections Program, MCSnet Scholarship Program, and Free Wi-Fi hotspots for non-profit organizations. 

Our plan

  • MCSnet will investigate additional ways to mark a customer’s accessibility needs in their file.
  • MCSnet will continue to engage in ongoing training of customer service and tech support representatives.
  • We will continue to promote our community investment programs benefitting persons with disabilities or accessibility concerns. 
  • MCSnet will seek and review feedback from disabled customers to improve our services.


2.7 Transportation 

MCSnet has limited involvement with transportation. Because of this, barriers and actions have not been identified in this priority area. If TELUS becomes more involved with any form of transportation, we will identify barriers and actions in this area.


3. Consultations

MCSnet consulted with its employees and also garnered feedback from a stakeholders group via CANWISP which we are a member of.


A PDF version of this document can be downloaded here.

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