Fiber Internet Coverage Map

Fiber internet is currently only available within the municipal boundaries of Mallaig, Cherry Grove, and Fort Kent, but we’re looking at servicing other towns and villages.

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The internet of the future is here

Compared to traditional copper line or wireless methods, our gigabit internet outperforms in every way:

  • Stays connected in poor weather and elements
  • Feeds secure, direct internet to your home
  • Keeps you online, even when your neighbours are
  • Modern equipment runs for years to come
  • Ready to grow and scale into the future

Fiber Internet Packages

Fiber Plan


Fee $149.95/month

Traffic 5000 GB/month

Top Download Speed 1000 MB/s

Top Upload Speed 1000 MB/s

Fiber Plan


Fee $99.95/month

Traffic 2000 GB/month

Top Download Speed 300 MB/s

Top Upload Speed 300 MB/s

Fiber Plan


Fee $79.95/month

Traffic 1000 GB/month

Top Download Speed 50 MB/s

Top Upload Speed 50 MB/s

Fiber Plan


Fee $59.95/month

Traffic 200 GB/month

Top Download Speed 25 MB/s

Top Upload Speed 25 MB/s

If you live within the municipal boundaries of Mallaig, Cherry Grove or Fort Kent, you’re eligible for MCSnet Fiber to the Home internet and have likely already been contacted about this initiative.

To learn more or sign up, please call Customer Service or click on the Sign Up button.

Contract and Installation Cost

Contract TermInstallation Fee
*2 YearFree
No Term$199.95

Pre-authorized payment (PAP) through bank (EFT) or credit card is required for all packages.


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