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Thank You

We love our community of MCSnet subscribers. That’s why we gift you with free monthly data when you’ve been with us for two years or more.

2 years

+50 GB to your monthly plan

5 years

+100 GB to your monthly plan

10 years

+200 GB to your monthly plan

When you get your data boost, our team will automatically update your account and notify you when the change occurs.


  • Grandfathered packages and old packages that are no longer offered are not subject to this program. Please contact us if you need help making an adjustment to your package.
  • This program is subject to change.

Refer a friend

Word of mouth is always welcome and we honour our customers with our Referral Program.

$50 Credit

For our loyal customers who refer MCSnet to a new customer who is installed successfully.

$10 Credit

For the new customer who uses an MCSnet customer’s referral.

Your referral code remains on your account while you are an MCSnet customer. Ask your friend to mention your name when signing up and you will both receive credit.