Internet Packages

PlanPriceMonthly TrafficDown Speed* Max
BASIC$49.9540GB3.2 Mbps
ADVANCED$59.95100GB6.0 Mbps
ULTRA$79.95300GB12 Mbps
EXTREME$99.95500GB20 Mbps

Pre-authorized payment is required for all packages with the exception of the Extreme packages using the non free installation.

Speeds are expected to vary with the load on the network and towers, speeds are not guaranteed to achieve the maximum speed.

OFDM technology. The top speeds listed in the chart above are for OFDM equipment, see Non-OFDM below for other top rates.

  • OFDM – Newer generation technology
  • Non-OFDM – where OFDM not available top download speed is 6 Mbps on Advanced or above
  • Non-OFDM 900 – 900 MHz radio, lower frequency allows for stronger connection through trees and other obstacles, maximum download speed is 3 Mbps on Advanced or above