Fast internet in rural Alberta community

Business Internet Plans and Pricing

Extreme Unlimited Pro

Free installation with a 2+ year term

Starting cost $149.95/month

Download speed Average 60/Mbps

Upload speed Average 15/Mbps

Monthly traffic Unlimited GB/month

IP addresses 1 dynamic IP address

Dedicated PTP

Free installation with 3+ year term

Starting cost $275/month

Download speed 50–300/Mbps

Upload speed 50–300/Mbps

Monthly traffic Unlimited GB/month

IP addresses Up to 10 static IP addresses

GigAir Corporate

Free installation with 3+ year term

Starting cost $150/month

Download speed Up to 1000/Mbps

Upload speed Up to 1000/Mbps

Monthly traffic Unlimited GB/month

IP addresses Up to 10 static IP addresses

Custom Fiber

Contact us for a fiber construction quote

Starting cost $150/month

Download speed 50–1000/Mbps

Upload speed 50–1000/Mbps

Monthly traffic 10 TB/month

IP addresses Up to 10 static IP addresses

  • All corporate plans include a dedicated support line

Pre-authorized payment (PAP) through bank (EFT) or credit card is required for all corporate plans.

Connect with a Business Advisor

Business internet that grows with you

Save Time

A slow internet connection results in everything taking time, and time is money! With high-speed internet, your staff can carry out tasks almost instantly, so they can get on to the next job.

Rural Alberta business and its local owner
woman using her phone to pay wirelessly

Reliable and Secure

Unreliable internet connections can have real costs to businesses. Even minor unplanned downtime can bring productivity and communication to a halt. MCSnet Business internet ensures your company connections are reliable.

Construction men in rural Alberta

Collaborate Better

High-speed internet means improved access to shared platforms, prompt transfer of information, and swift file sharing. It makes it easier for employees and customers to collaborate and communicate efficiently. And this translates into revenue growth.

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Plus, our reliable network and around-the-clock technical support ensure you won’t experience lengthy interruptions or downtimes in service.

MCSnet GigAir: Growing Local Businesses

See how Alberta businesses have grown with MCSnet

Rural alberta internet connection plans

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