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Free Long Distance

Make free phone calls anywhere in the Canadian provinces and lower continental United States. Rates apply for the Canadian territories, Hawaii, Alaska and other American territories. Use our rate calculator to check international calling costs.

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Caller ID

See the name and phone number of who’s calling. When you call someone, your phone number will also display on their device.

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Call Waiting

Put your caller on hold and switch to another line, while keeping both of them connected.

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Access your messages online through your MCSnet account. You can also turn on email notifications when you receive a voicemail.

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Local number availability

With our internet VoIP phone service, you can get a local number in these regions:

  • Bonnyville, AB
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Fort Saskatchewan, AB
  • Lloydminster, AB
  • Sherwood Park, AB
  • St. Paul, AB
  • Vegreville, AB
  • Wainwright, AB


To determine if you can transfer your current phone number, use our number portability tool.

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