Our History

MCSnet was founded in 1995, and by 1998, internet services were expanded to provide local communities with a Digital Service Line (DSL), focused in St. Paul, Alberta. By 2002, our wireless high speed internet service was launched as the first and only high speed solution for rural communities in the region at that time.

Today, MCSnet is Alberta’s largest fixed wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider). We are focused on providing reliable, high speed internet for Alberta’s rural residents. Our pursuits include expanding coverage areas to provide a high speed internet option to more communities that have been left behind in a technology-heavy generation. MCSnet is invested in developing and providing modern services to keep our rural communities connected.

A Commitment of Service for Rural Communities

With “A Commitment of Service for Rural Communities”, MCSnet has been providing internet service to rural communities in Alberta and Western Saskatchewan for more than two decades. As a family-owned business rooted in Western Canadian values, we understand the importance of treating our customers with honesty and integrity. We want all of our customers to experience fast, consistent internet, so we are continually seeking out the latest innovations to bring more reliable service to more people and places.

As a family- and Alberta-owned business we understand the importance of relationships, which is why we treat our customers and local communities with honesty and integrity. At MCSnet, each customer matters to us, because we care about your experience and our reputation.

With our rural communities top of mind, we don’t wait for problems to occur. Our team of experts is proactively monitoring our networks and working to address issues before they impact you. We know reliability matters and MCSnet delivers directly to our communities.

As Alberta’s homegrown internet service provider, our team understands the importance of investing in our local communities because we live and work in them.  We believe in giving back to the communities we serve by partnering with local organizations and events to keep community spirit and pride alive. As Alberta’s largest fixed wireless ISP, we are serving hundreds of communities as your community neighbour that is Reliable. Honest. and Invested.

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