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Over 25 years of connection

Wide open skies, close-knit communities and peaceful scenery: At MCSnet, we know the perks of country living firsthand.

That’s why, in 1995, we began offering rural high-speed internet to Albertans.

Right here in our hometown of St. Paul, we believed our neighbours deserved to stay connected, while still keeping roots in the place we proudly call home.

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Back then, we were an intrepid team of a father and three sons, experimenting with wireless signals and Pringles cans. We saw the potential of the internet to bring us closer to our friends and family.

By 1998, we set our sights higher, adding a digital subscriber line (DSL) to our town. And in 2002, we launched our high-speed internet, the first and only of its kind in the region.

In 2015, the MCSnet family ownership group expanded to include Buried Glass Inc. in order to provide fiber optic solutions throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Today, as a local, family-owned business, we still carry that same neighbourly spirit forward. Now, we serve over 25,000 Albertans, and we’re still growing strong.

Our rural roots guide us


We evolve our technology

Curiosity fuels us. It’s what began our business, and it’s what propels us forward. At MCSnet, we welcome new ideas with open arms. With a creative mindset, we reimagine ways to bring smart technology to Albertans.

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We do right by our neighbours

Out here, we slow down, listen and stop to say “hello”. That’s because a neighbourly relationship is a special sort. It means no sneaky fine print or billing surprises. It means staying true to our word. But most of all, it means giving you the fast internet you deserve and expect.

community baseball team supported by mcsnet


We nurture our communities

We share the same schools, eat at the same restaurants, and work on the same land. We care about rural Alberta, because this is where we raise families of our own. Whether it’s building reception towers, volunteering with students or sponsoring local events, giving back is an integral part of our culture.

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