Grow internet connectivity in your community

It’s no longer considered a luxury to have access to the internet—it’s now a necessity, much like any other utility. By partnering with MCSnet and investing in your community, you’re also investing in the future growth of rural Alberta.

Reliable high-speed internet gives everyone in your municipality the tools to thrive. It helps you stay connected with one another, attract new businesses, work from home, and create jobs in your community.

At MCSnet, we bring the experience and expertise needed to grow internet access and improve connectivity in your municipality.

Flexible Funding

Explore flexible funding models that expedite your broadband project and ensure long-term success. MCSnet will consider contribution structures that are mutually beneficial.

Strong Project Management

Achieve realistic construction timelines with our efficient project management and reporting. Our skilled project managers can complete any type of broadband project efficiently and systematically. We’re equipped with the staff and equipment to design solutions to fit the needs of any sized community.

Streamlined Project Costs

Tap into existing municipal assets to make the most of your internet project. Create project efficiency and lower final project costs.

Proven Track Record

We have extensive experience in designing, deploying, maintaining, and supporting any size broadband network. We manage our operations in-house to keep residents and businesses connected to fast, reliable internet with local customer service. We’re equipped with the staff and equipment to provide flexible solutions to ensure success.

Customized broadband builds for municipalities of all sizes

Whether you’re a county or a hamlet, no broadband project is too large or small for us. We design unique solutions to fit the needs and budget of any community. Some of our solutions include:

  • Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) builds
  • GigAir (wireless)
  • Hybrid solutions (FTTP & wireless)
  • Wi-Fi public hotspots
  • Transit Fiber

How our municipal partnerships work

Our focus is on setting your community up for success for many years to come. We will assist in creating a broadband strategy to address the issues and opportunities facing your businesses and residents and build a better future for your community.

  1. Collaborate with residents and businesses, which may include surveying and conducting speed tests to determine community requirements
  2. Investigate and advocate for assistance from other levels of government
  3. Identify an initial rollout area that would provide the framework for expansion across the entire municipality
  4. Obtain council approval on the strategy and move the project forward efficiently

Municipal stories

Latest News

June 02, 2022 | MCSnet Stories, Municipal Matters

MCSnet Partners with the County of Barrhead to Enhance Rural Broadband

June 2, 2022—The County of Barrhead and MCSnet are pleased to announce a partnership that will enhance Broadband Connectivity for County residents.  Through this partnership, a total of 58 km of transit fiber will be built to connect the Kiel Industrial Park, the Hamlets of Neerlandia, Thunder Lake, and Manola, as well as residents around…

June 30, 2022 | Business Insights

High-Speed Internet: Advantages for Businesses in Rural Alberta

For over 25 years, MCSnet has kept businesses throughout northeastern Alberta connected. As the demand for rural broadband services expands, so have rural business internet offerings in your area. Fixed High-Speed Wireless Internet for small and medium businesses Whether you’re using Quickbooks to send invoices to your customers or monitoring remote oil well sites, MCSnet…

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