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GigAir Internet Coverage Map

GigAir is currently only available within the municipal boundaries of St. Paul, but we’re looking at servicing other towns and villages where it’s possible.

Free GigAir Internet for 6 Months*

Town of St. Paul residents can sign up and enjoy:

  • Free GigAir Unlimited Package for 6 months
  • Free installation on a month-to-month contract
  • Free MCSnet router
  • Existing MCSnet wireless customers don’t need to sign a new contract

(*Terms and conditions apply. Any additional services, such as static IP addresses or VoIP phones, will still be charged to current MCSnet customers.)

Why Choose GigAir High-Speed Internet

As Fast as Fiber Optic Internet

Our gigabit internet technology matches fiber optic speeds, so you can stream, work, and play on multiple devices any way you want.

Quick & Easy Installation

No need to dig up the ground—the signal broadcasts from the roof of your building.

Competitive Rates

Our package prices don’t change, so you can get the best value for your money.

Reliable Technology

With GigAir’s strong signals and mesh design, spotty and slow connections are a frustration of the past.

Local Customer Support

Our neighbourly team is right here in St. Paul, Alberta. Give us a call; we’re here to help.

How GigAir Works

GigAir uses multiple nodes to form a mesh or web-like network within your neighbourhood. To achieve a strong signal to your home or business, we mount GigAir equipment on your roof. This service requires a short distance between nodes and an unobstructed view of the surrounding neighbourhood, which makes it ideal for towns, villages, and hamlets.

GigAir Plans & Pricing

PackageTop Down SpeedTop Up SpeedMonthly TrafficMonthly Price
GigAir Unlimited1000 Mbps1000 MbpsUnlimited$89.95 Best Value
GigAir Ultra1000 Mbps1000 Mbps2,000 GB$69.95
GigAir Advanced1000 Mbps1000 Mbps500 GB$49.95
GigAir Basic1000 Mbps1000 Mbps200 GB$39.95

Pre-authorized payment (PAP) through bank (EFT) or credit card is required for all packages.

Get Lightning-Fast Internet Now

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New Customers

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