What do you need internet for?

General Business Communications

Sending Invoices
Running Accounting Software

Points of Sale

Debit machine
Credit card processing

Multiple Sites Connected by a Network

Dedicated connections
Multiple IP addresses

Where are you located?

Within a Town or Village

Located within municipal boundaries

In a Rural Municipality

Rural location

In an Industrial Park

Outside of a town or city center

What is your budget?

Small/Medium Business

Up to $150 per month

Large Business

Up to $300 per month

Corporation/Multiple Locations

Up to $600+ per month

Business internet that grows with you

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MCSnet GigAir: Growing Local Businesses


See how Alberta businesses have grown with MCSnet

  • Darren Wiebe, IT Manager |Agland

    It’s a privilege to deal with a well-respected local company that understands our needs

    We’ve been using MCSnet for the internet since early 2014. Like most industries, we rely heavily on the internet to keep our customers going. It is crucial that our providers understand and support our requirements. We appreciate the superb job MCSnet has done in supporting us and keeping our systems running.

  • Travis Eddingfield, Computer Tech Coordinator |St. Paul Education

    MCSnet has proven itself as a community-minded business

    Aside from providing excellent service for the internet, we have found our partnership with MCSnet to be invaluable. Whenever we have had to host external sessions with the need for an internet connection, we have always been able to rely on MCSnet to help us.

  • Tim Mahdiuk, Interim CAO |County of St. Paul

    We’re extremely pleased to partner with MCSnet to provide this necessary service to residents

    MCSnet has provided the County of St. Paul with internet services for many years. We have also partnered with them on the installation of 9 internet towers in the underserved area of the County through the Final Mile program back in 2013.

    Additionally, we have partnered with MCSnet to install towers and provide Wi-Fi at the County’s municipal campgrounds free of charge for campers at our parks. More recently, we worked together to develop an agreement on the installation of the County and Mallaig fiber project, and as a result, local residents and businesses now enjoy superior internet capabilities.

  • Warren Skinner, IT Contact, Edmonton Campus |Sterling Education

    I have no hesitation recommending MCSnet

    Great people to work with and good support when you need it. We battled with poor internet for several years at our rural location just outside of Sherwood Park, and it was Strathcona County that originally recommended MCSnet to me several years ago.

    We’ve been with MCSnet ever since and had no issues at all! We recently upgraded to fiber and the work was completed ahead of schedule and we’re very happy with the increased speed and consistency of the fiber connection.

  • Yvon Amyotte, Shop Foreman |A. Amyotte & Sons Welding, Mallaig

    The speed is definitely faster, with no lag time when downloading or sending files or videos

    A. Amyotte & Sons Welding has been an MCSnet customer for over 13 years and we have always been pleased with the level of service we’ve received. At times in the past, we experienced disruptions in the connection due to weather or other issues. Since switching to the fibre optic connection, we have not had any issues with the connection.

    As a family-owned business, we always try to support local businesses as much as possible. Being able to do this with another locally owned and family-run business is great, especially when they contribute as much as they do to the local community.

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