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Cold Lake Internet Service Availability: Explore, Compare, and Connect!

Cold Lake has multiple internet providers with plans ranging in price, speeds, and monthly traffic bandwidth. MCSnet’s GigAir network offers residents unmatched speeds with 99% uptime ensuring your connection stays consistent.

You might save $500 over 2 years with the cheapest plan at 25 Mbps/month when looking at our competitor plans. Would that allow multiple devices in your home to stream without lagging? Or run a productive business?

Finding the best internet plan in your neighborhood means comparing the value you’re offered from providers in your area.

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Why Prefer a Local Cold Lake Internet Provider Over National Providers?

MCSnet has kept remote and rural communities in Cold Lake connected with high-traffic, high-speed internet as we expand our services to offer ultra-fast speeds with GigAir internet that is as fast as fiber internet.

Speed & Reliability

Our GigAir plans offer up to 1000 Mbps download and upload with minimal down times. GigAir is powered by a strong, fiber-fed mesh network that ensures you receive a stable signal.


Our professional technicians position and calibrate the GigAir equipment on the rooftop for optimal performance. This not only speeds up the installation process but also minimizes any potential damage to your property. Whether you’re moving to Cold Lake or any of our service areas, you can count on MCSnet for a hassle-free transition to high-speed internet.

Customer Support

Our customer call center supports Cold Lake customers with everyday troubleshooting issues, from helping them regain connections to upgrading service plans for higher-speed internet.

Traffic Caps

Our generous data plans start from 200 GB/month on the lowest plan ($39.95) to unlimited data at $89.95/month for power users.

Contract Terms

We provide free installation on a 2-year fixed term contract as that is the most commonly requested from clients in the Cold Lake region. If you need a custom contract designed for your residential or commercial needs, call us to discuss what’s available in your area.

Cold Lake Service Area Availability Map

MCSnet’s GigAir is available to residents and businesses in Cold Lake South with future plans to expand to Cold Lake North. Our traditional Residential and Business services are currently available in Cold Lake North and will be upgraded to GigAir once it is available.

GigAir Plans and Pricing

GigAir Unlimited

Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $89.95/mo

Traffic Unlimited GB/mo

Top Upload Speed 1000 MB/s

Top Download Speed 1000 MB/s

GigAir Ultra

Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $69.95/mo

Traffic 2000 GB/mo

Top Upload Speed 1000 MB/s

Top Download Speed 1000 MB/s

GigAir Advanced

Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $49.95/mo

Traffic 500 GB/mo

Top Upload Speed 1000 MB/s

Top Download Speed 1000 MB/s

GigAir Basic

Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $39.95/mo

Traffic 200 GB/mo

Top Upload Speed 1000 MB/s

Top Download Speed 1000 MB/s

Shop All GigAir Internet Packages

  • All plans include 1 dynamic IP address

Pre-authorized payment (PAP) through bank (EFT) or credit card is required for all plans.

Affordable Internet Plans In Cold Lake

Why choose between speed and affordability when you can have both?

With speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 1000 Mbps and pricing starting at just $39.95/month, we offer flexible options that cater to both casual browsers and heavy streamers.

Enjoy seamless connectivity, unlimited data options, and free installation with a 2-year term.

Plan TypeStarting CostSpeedData LimitsInstallation
GigAir$39.95/monthUp to 1000/Mbps200–Unlimited GB/moFree (2 year term)
Residential$49.95/monthUp to 100/Mbps125–Unlimited GB/moFree (2 year term)
Business$150/month50–1000+/MbpsUnlimited GB/moFree (2+ year contract)
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MCSnet GigAir Successes

Why Choose MCSnet Among Cold Lake Internet Providers

Our ongoing commitment to Cold Lake includes working closely with local partners, utilizing public buildings as anchor points, and continuously expanding our GigAir network across the area.

The Cold Lake municipal authorities have granted MCSnet access to vast stretches of lands between our towers, allowing us to lay transit fiber and connect our network to what is becoming a vast collection of lightning-fast towers.

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Internet Services Tailored to Cold Lake Communities

Leveraging our state-of-the-art GigAir network across the city, MCSnet offers ultra-fast, stable internet connections that meet the diverse needs of Cold Lake’s vibrant population. From streaming your favorite shows to supporting critical business operations, MCSnet’s unwavering reliability ensures that you stay connected when it matters most.

Community Connections with Free Internet

We’ve been serving the Cold Lake community for over a decade. We’ve expanded our internet service in partnership with elected officials in the City of Cold Lake so that we can meet the unique needs of every neighborhood.

Regular visits, virtual meetings, and comprehensive presentations keep the community informed and engaged, reflecting MCSnet’s commitment to being a trusted and responsive internet provider.

Our community connections programs help not-for-profit organizations to offer ultra-high-speed internet free of cost.

  • Run community programs
  • Offer residents streaming options
  • Help local businesses run point-of-sale operations

Our Internet Contributions to Cold Lake Communities

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Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Plans in Cold Lake

What is the cheapest internet plan in Cold Lake?

The cheapest internet plan costs $783.70 over two years with a 25 Mbps cable plan from local providers. It is recommended that you evaluate the cheapest plan not based on price solely but also on whether it will offer you dedicated support and connections consistently. Check out MCSnet’s GigAir plans offering 1000 Mbps for 200 GB/month at $39.95/month.

How can I compare internet plans in Cold Lake?

Here is a comparison table that shows the different plans from all providers in Cold Lake.

ProviderSpeedPrice per MonthData LimitsInstallation
Oxio75 Mbps$49.00Not SpecifiedNot Specified
Telus3 Gbps$125.00Fastest Internet PlanNot Specified
Media25 Mbps$29.95Not SpecifiedNot Specified
Swift-netUp to 550 Mbps$79.95Not SpecifiedNot Specified
Fiber25–1000/Mbps$59.95200–5000 GB/moFree (2 year term)
GigAirUp to 1000/Mbps$39.95200–Unlimited GB/moFree (2 year term)
ResidentialUp to 50/Mbps$49.95125–Unlimited GB/moFree (2 year term)
Business50–1000+/Mbps$150.00Unlimited GB/moFree (2+ year contract)

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