Community Connections: Cold Lake Agricultural Society

The Cold Lake Agricultural Society has been serving the community for over 65 years. It is operated by volunteers and has been bringing events and functions to the area since 1947. MCSnet was excited to offer this organization free monthly internet as a part of our Community Connections program.

The Cold Lake Ag Society Building is connected with our new reliable and fast GigAir internet. Since being connected with GigAir, the organization has shared that they are loving the high speeds they are getting with this ever-improving network. They also provided details about how the free internet is helpful to the operations of their organization and the community they support, which you can read below.

What’s your mission, purpose, and passion as an organization?

Our mission is to use the strengths, dedication, and integrity of our society to engage and foster pride in our community and heritage and to encourage continuity among the community. We have a passion for our community, agriculture, and the rural lifestyle.

How has MCSnet’s donation and complimentary internet connection left a positive impact on your organization?

MCSnet’s donation has helped the Cold Lake Agricultural Society greatly. By providing the Cold Lake Ag Society with high-quality high-speed internet access, we have been able to modernize our facility and offer quality Wi-Fi access to the users of our facility. The internet allows our employees to be more efficient and allows our organization to help many other non-profits and event providers within Lakeland that call our facility home.

Why are you enthusiastic about helping Albertans?

Alberta is where we work, live, play, and volunteer. Our Board of Directors are passionate about the Alberta Rural way of life and helping other local groups.

In what ways has the internet opened up opportunities for your organization?

By having good quality high speed internet at our fingertips, we can provide spaces for other organizations and non-profits to have meetings in person and virtually. It has given us the opportunity to help out our vendors with the Cold Lake Farmer’s Market with utilizing their online payment processers while not having to use their data from their phones. It also gives us the opportunity to host bigger and better events. Whether it be trade shows, galas, livestreaming funerals, and weddings we now have the ability to bring the world to us virtually.

Can you tell us your favourite story about how you’re making a difference?

The Cold Lake Agricultural Society is the proud home to many other non-profit and youth organizations within our area. We are able to provide a safe space for members of the community to host events, clinics, social gatherings, and so much more. We pride ourselves in becoming a hub of activity which community members can have fun, learn, volunteer, enjoy themselves, and enjoy life.

What does making real connections in your community mean to you?

Real connections to me is to have the ability to work and partner with other community members and groups in your area. Coming together through in-person and technology.

If you had one piece of advice for organizations looking to improve connection in rural Alberta, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to go out and talk to other groups. Host community functions, events and don’t be afraid to be the hub of the community. Allow and embrace technology within your organization and don’t be afraid to connect to the bigger world.

Stay Connected

Go to the Cold Lake Agricultural Society website and learn about ways you can help out as a volunteer, find event information and what is happening at the Ag Society. Follow the Cold Lake Agriculture Society on Facebook for another way to stay connected and updated.

To learn more about MCSnet’s Community Connections program and to apply for Sponsorships/Donations or FREE internet for non-profits, click here.

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