Do Internet Speed Boosters Work?

Wi-Fi speeds got you down? Find out how internet speed boosters work and how they can improve your connection.

internet speed booster

Sometimes, moving your wireless router or updating the equipment isn’t enough to get the internet speed you need. If you’re still dealing with a slow Wi-Fi connection or dead zones in parts of your home, an internet speed booster might be something to consider!

What Is an Internet Speed Booster?

An internet speed booster (also known as range extender or Wi-Fi booster) extends your connection to areas of your home that aren’t getting a strong enough signal. It pulls in an existing weak signal from your wireless router, and then amplifies it before broadcasting it back out. This process improves your internet connection, and allows Wi-Fi to reach areas of your home (or even your yard!) that it couldn’t before. 

How Do I Set One Up?

Hooking up an internet speed booster is pretty simple. These days, many products have an app accompaniment. You plug in the device, and then use the app to select a wireless network that the hardware will pull in, amplify, and rebroadcast back out into your home. If the booster doesn’t come with an app, there will be an option to log in via your computer and get it hooked up.

Internet boosters can be placed anywhere in your home. If there is an electrical socket nearby, you’re good to go. It’s best to place the device halfway between your wireless router and where the internet connection weakens or drops off. This is a great illustration of how a booster increases wireless signal strength. 

What If My Internet Connection Is Really Weak?

That’s okay! As long as there is something to pick up, an internet speed booster can pull in a wireless signal of any strength. When you first set up the range extender, all nearby signals will be presented as options to boost.

Does This Mean I’ll Have Two Wi-Fi Networks?

Technically, yes. If you go completely out of range of the original signal from your wireless router, you may need to connect your devices to the second network, produced by the internet booster. 

Are Internet Boosters Secure?

Wi-Fi boosters offer the same amount of security as your wireless router does. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about data and privacy, our high-speed internet plans, or setting up an internet speed booster in your home.

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