How to Get the Best Wi-Fi in Your Home

Are you experiencing Wi-Fi dead zones in your home? Try these tips to fix it!

Are you experiencing Wi-Fi dead zones in your home? How irritating! Having a strong internet connection is a necessity to work and enjoy time at home, and turtle-paced speeds just won’t do. 

There are a few different things you can do to boost your internet service. Here are the top approaches we recommend.

Where You Put Your Wi-Fi Router Matters

Your Wi-Fi router should go in a central location for all of your devices. Don’t hide it down in the basement—there will be too many walls and layers for the signal to get through. We find this is often the biggest issue. Try adjusting the location, and go from there.

Believe it or not, microwaves can also interrupt your Wi-Fi signal! You might have interference if you heat up your leftovers while streaming a video. Fish tanks, pools, and hot tubs can also slow things down because water absorbs radiation. If your wireless router is currently near one of those, you might want to consider moving it somewhere else. 

Wireless Isn’t Always the Best

If you can, directly wire your computers, gaming consoles, and TVs to your internet router with ethernet cables. This will decrease the strain on your Wi-Fi signal for your other devices. You’ll end up with a more reliable, consistent connection. 

Consider a Range Extender

We recommend using an extender or second router to extend how far your Wi-Fi reaches. Sitting between your router and wireless devices, extenders take the signal and rebroadcast it. Our Tech Support Manager Jason is a fan of the Amped Wireless range extenders. 

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Use a Customized Router

Using an MCSnet customized router (and our app) is a great way to see all of the devices you have connected to your wireless network. Go through the list, and disconnect devices that aren’t being used. You’ll free up space and boost your connectivity speeds!

You should also check the age of your router. Technology evolves so rapidly, so it might just be a little outdated for what you need. Aim to replace your wireless router every three to four years to maintain the best possible speed. 

Bring in the Experts

If you’ve tried these steps and are still dealing with slow internet speed, give us a call. We understand that a slow Wi-Fi connection is frustrating, and we’d be happy to troubleshoot. Not an MCSnet customer? Learn more about our high-speed rural internet plans today.

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