Community Connections: Thorhild & District Agricultural Society

Thorhild & District Agricultural Society offers a welcoming place to gather. Discover their Community Connections story.

With their bustling agriplex, Thorhild & District Agricultural Society offers the community a warm and welcoming place to gather. Their sporting events and activities give people of all ages the opportunity to improve their skills, stay active, and form friendships. Through our complimentary internet donation, Thorhild & District Agricultural Society’s staff and guests can stay connected, entertained, and productive. Here’s how our Community Connections program has made a positive impact on them.

What’s your mission, purpose, and passion as an organization?

As a volunteer-run non-profit, we manage the agriplex in the Hamlet of Thorhild, Alberta. This facility is the community hub of many activities, such as minor and senior hockey, dance clubs, 4-H events, cattle shows, school programs, and many community events. 

We encourage improvement in agriculture in ways that enhance the lives of the people in our community. This involves creating educational programs and services that are hosted at the agriplex. 

How has MCSnet’s donation and complimentary internet connection left a positive impact on your organization?

MCSnet’s complimentary internet service has opened up many possibilities for our society. It also relieves one of the fundraising pressures for our non-profit organization. 

Why are you enthusiastic about helping Albertans?

It’s at the core of what it means to be an agricultural society to give one’s time and efforts to better the community. Helping others improve their lives improves our own lives.

In what ways has the internet opened up opportunities for your organization?

Our members are able to update our Facebook page with all of our events and post pictures for our community to stay informed. Having the internet also help us host virtual meetings.

Parents and siblings waiting at the arena for dancers or hockey players can log in to conduct some of their work. Students can also complete homework or just have fun online. 

Hockey coaches can show an informal video to the kids to enhance their understanding of a drill or skill. Those without a phone can stay in touch with a loved one for the timing of a pick-up after an event, practice, or game. 

Can you tell us your favourite story about how you’re making a difference?

We host a variety of variety of community events, including minor and senior hockey, Ukrainian dance, 4-H events, cattle shows, school programs, and many more. With every gathering, we feel fulfilled about having a venue that brings the community together.

What does making real connections in your community mean to you?

It means that we create opportunities for people to be engaged, which has a positive effect on the physical and mental health of our community.

If you had one piece of advice for organizations looking to improve connection in rural Alberta, what would it be?

Be open to new ideas, and lean on young people for their talents and thoughts. 

What kind of future do you imagine for rural Alberta?

Rural Alberta has lots to offer, and a strong, warm sense of community is the greatest asset. When societies and groups offer events and programming to enhance the community’s lives, we know that rural Alberta will continue to be a place for people and families to prosper. 

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