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Category: Streaming

April 30, 2020 | Streaming

Get the Most From Your Streaming Service

Right now, everyone is streaming a lot of video content, and there are quite a few platforms to choose from for streaming the content that’s helping get you through this uncertain time. In rural areas, you might notice it’s taking a toll on the internet speed in your household. We’ll give you some tips on…

How Much Internet Do I Need?

Do you watch Netflix? How often? Do you do any online gaming? These are just some of the questions we ask customers when they call in to sign up for internet services. The biggest data hogs The biggest data hogs are streaming videos and downloading video games, movies, or software updates. Netflix alone can use…

October 31, 2019 | Streaming

Cutting the Cord: The Basics

What is cutting the cord? So you’ve heard about streaming, but you’re not sure what it is and how to go about it. If you’ve ever watched Netflix or listened to music on Spotify, you have been streaming. Instead of using a TV cable, you are using your internet connection to receive content; this is…