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Internet Plans and Pricing Near Edmonton & Area

Rural Edmonton boasts a rich blend of natural landscapes and cultural heritage, offering both peaceful countryside and proximity to urban amenities.

The communities celebrate their deep agricultural roots through events like Farmfair International, bridging rural and urban communities. Whether you seek the tranquillity of the outdoors or connections to the city’s vibrant culture, rural Edmonton offers a unique and attractive lifestyle.

In order to enjoy the best of both rural-urban amenities, you need a stable and reliable internet that keeps you connected.

With home internet plans starting at $49.95/month and offering speeds of up to 100/Mbps, we can customize plans to your data needs.

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Home Internet Plans Available Near Edmonton

Extreme Unlimited

Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $119.95/month

Traffic UnlimitedGB/mo


Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $99.95/month

Traffic 1500 GB/mo


Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $99.95/month

Traffic 750 GB/mo


Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $99.95/month

Traffic 250 GB/mo


Free installation with a 2-year term

Fee $49.95/month

Traffic 125 GB/mo

Business Internet Packages Available Near Edmonton

Extreme Unlimited Pro

Free installation with a 2-year term

Starting cost $149.95/month

Average speeds  60Mbps Download
15/Mbps Upload

Monthly traffic Unlimited GB/mo

IP Addresses  1 dynamic IP address

Dedicated PTP

Free installation with a 2-year term


Starting cost $275/month

Average speeds 50-300/Mbps
upload and download

Monthly traffic Unlimited GB/mo

IP Addresses  Up to 10 static IP addresses

Choosing Internet Plans Suited to Your Data Needs

Choosing the right internet package is shaped by your requirements, from streaming movies to utilizing smart security cameras to running a profitable business. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your existing internet speed? Test it here.
  • How often does your household use the internet?
  • Do you have multiple devices connected to the internet in your household at the same time?
  • Do you stream music or movies?
  • Do you have security cameras on your property connected to the internet?
  • Do you use a smart speaker or a smartwatch?
  • How many office devices do you intend to connect to your business wifi?
  • How much bandwidth does your business require to operate efficiently?

Whether you’re a tech-savvy family needing a high-speed residential plan, or a rural business seeking tailored solutions, we have the right plan for you.

Our team is here to work closely with you, ensuring your plan aligns perfectly with your needs and technical requirements. Reach out to us today, and let’s find the internet package that makes your online world thrive.

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Need Home Phone Service?

Ask Us About Wifi-Enabled VOIP Services starting at $29.95/month

Get more out of your high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

  • Free long-distance calls across Canada and the United States of America
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail, with a local number in Edmonton and nearby cities

Calculate Your International Calling Rates

Want to avail of service on your existing Edmonton contact number? Find out what international calling costs.

Connect using your existing mobile device, and experience the joy of uninterrupted communication starting at $29.95 per month.

(example: 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX or: 011-XX-XX-XXX-XXXX)
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Empowering Rural Edmonton Communities

Internet Service Coverage Near You In Edmonton

For the best connection uptime, you should be located within the maximum range of 15 to 25 km from our nearest tower, unobstructed by hills to the tower location from the roof of your building or tower.

If you find that your exact location near Edmonton is not showing up in our system, please contact us at +1-866-390-3928 and we’ll let you know what services are available.

Why Prefer a Local Internet Provider Over National Providers?

MCSnet has kept remote and rural communities near Edmonton connected with high-traffic, high-speed internet as we expand our services to offer ultra-fast speeds with GigAir internet that is as fast as fiber internet.

Reliable Connectivity

By owning a local spectrum in rural Edmonton communities, we have been able to provide consistent high-speed internet to homeowners and businesses. We deliver up to 60 mbps download speeds and up to 15 mbps upload speeds of uninterrupted usage.

Local Customer Support

When severe interruptions in radio frequencies cause slow speeds, you’re often left with long wait times with large providers.

With MCSnet, you get the dedicated support of a local customer support team that is available to resolve your concerns quickly.

Affordable Internet Plans

The cheapest internet plan may not be the best choice for you as it often comes with shared access. This means that your bandwidth is divided among other users, limiting your usage when you need it most.

We strive to provide you with the fastest internet speeds with our strategically-built network of local towers, powered by our privately-owned, fiber network.

MCSnet’s Internet Offers Near You

While many clients have a general idea about their usage needs, they want to know how to evaluate a good internet service without necessarily paying more than they should. We round up insights that you may find useful when comparing service options in your location.

Selecting the Best Internet Providers Near Edmonton

What is the fastest Wi-FI in rural Edmonton?

MCSnet’s offerings provide a broad spectrum of speed, pricing, and data options, making it suitable for various users. The free installation, flexible speed, and data options position MCSnet as a compelling choice for those seeking personalized solutions in Edmonton.

ProviderPlan NameDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Data LimitStarting Price/MonthAdditional Info
TELUS SmartHubSmart Hub 25 UnlimitedUp to 25N/AUnlimited*N/A2-year term, then $20/mo
XplornetLTE 25255Unlimited$49.99Price increases after 1st year, No term
SybanUNLIMITED 10102Unlimited$791-year term
MCSnet ResidentialBasicUp to 60Up to 15125 GB$49.952-year term, Free Installation
MCSnet ResidentialAdvancedUp to 60Up to 15250 GB$59.952-year term, Free Installation
MCSnet ResidentialUltraUp to 60Up to 15750 GB$79.952-year term, Free Installation
MCSnet ResidentialExtremeUp to 60Up to 151500 GB$99.952-year term, Free Installation
MCSnet ResidentialExtreme UnlimitedUp to 60Up to 15Unlimited$119.952-year term, Free Installation
MCSnet ResidentialExtreme Unlimited ProUp to 60Up to 15Unlimited$149.952-year term, Free Installation
MCSnet BusinessExtreme Unlimited ProAvg. 60Avg. 15Unlimited$149.952+ year term, Free Installation
MCSnet BusinessDedicated PTP50-30050-300Unlimited$2753+ year term, Free Installation

Does rural Edmonton have good internet?

Rural Edmonton is well-equipped with a diverse range of internet service providers that cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re a streaming enthusiast, an online gamer, or a business owner requiring robust connectivity, the city’s infrastructure supports high-speed internet plans with options for fiber, cable, and wireless connections.

MCSnet offers tailored packages to ensure optimal performance, even allowing for upgrades or changes as new technologies or towers become available.

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What is the best Wi-Fi speed for home?


  • Residential Plans: Starting at $59.95/month for speeds up to 60 Mbps, ideal for standard home usage.
  • Business Plans: Starting at $150.00/month for speeds up to 100 Mbps, perfect for work-from-home businesses, with heavy usage and multiple devices.

Choosing the right speed ensures a smooth and satisfying internet experience. Consider your usage habits, the number of devices, and preferred online activities to select the best package. MCSnet offers free installation with a 2-year term, making it a convenient and reliable choice for various home internet needs.

How to choose an Internet provider in rural Edmonton?

Consider factors such as speed, data limits, price, customer support, and contract terms when choosing an internet provider in rural Edmonton. MCSnet offers a variety of tailored plans, free installation with a 2-year term, and dedicated customer service. Explore our offerings to find the perfect fit for your residential or business needs.

Are there any affordable Internet plans in rural Edmonton?

Yes, MCSnet provides affordable internet plans in rural Edmonton, starting at $49.95/month with our Residential Plans. Our competitive pricing, coupled with free installation and various speed options, offers cost-effective solutions for different needs. Check our website to find special deals and the plan that suits your budget.

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