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Category: Internet Insights

How to Build a Website for Your Business

You’ve determined you need a website to promote your business or community agency but you’re just not sure where to start. Having a website is an expectation people have for business and non-profits these days. It’s come a long way and a digital presence is absolutely critical for the success of any organization no matter…

Fraud Alert Part 2: Romance Scams in Canada

Cybercriminals are getting away with more fraud, now more than ever, through the internet. In part 2 of the Fraud Alert, in support of March’s Fraud Prevention month, we discuss the increase in the severity of romance scams. Romance scammers will use many contact methods to take advantage of a victim, including email, phone calls…

Fraud Alert Part 1: Read About Investment Fraud

In our last Fraud Prevention month blog post, we discussed cyber phishing. In this post for March’s Fraud Prevention month, we have Fraud Alert part 1, where we discuss the increase in investment fraud. Investment Fraud Styles Increasing  Investment fraud is when a criminal solicits investments into false or deceptive investment opportunities. The false promises…

Don’t take the Bait; Beware of Cyber Phishing

In honour of Fraud Prevention month, MCSnet wants to spread awareness of cyber phishing attacks. We need to increase awareness of these methods that scammers use to compromise your personal and financial information in Canada. Did you know that *41% of Canadians believe it is unlikely that their personal information could be compromised online? Since…

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