A Sister Company

Buried Glass Inc. (BGI) of St. Paul, Alberta, was founded in 2015 by the MCSnet family ownership group.

BGI’s business model is to purchase, install transit fiber and to provide fiber optic solutions throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Since 2015, BGI has purchased and installed approximately 1,430 km of dark fiber and 35,450 fiber strand km throughout Northern Alberta.

Project History

Since 2015, BGI and MCSnet have undertaken large projects to connect MCSnet’s core towers to fiber in order to meet current and future bandwidth demands of rural Canadians.

MCSnet and its sister corporation, Buried Glass Inc., were successful in their applications and implementation of projects for the Alberta FMRCI grant issued by the A.A.R.D. in 2012 and I.S.E.D.’s Connecting Canadians and Connect to Innovate grant programs in 2015 and 2017, respectively. These grant projects have a combined worth of $24.6 Million and resulted in MCSnet receiving a combined $13.9 Million of grant funds to install and upgrade new tower infrastructure and provide fiber optic backbone PoPs in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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