Why Make The Switch to MCSnet Fiber Internet

Community Care

We provide local, live customer support to help you make the switch, and address any issues you may experience along the way with prompt, efficient service. We not only provide internet for rural Alberta businesses, but we also give back to the communities we serve through initiatives like our Community Connections program.

Reliable Internet

Some internet connections can slow down during peak hours when your neighbours are sharing the bandwidth at the same time. With Alberta’s largest privately owned network, we minimize any lag or latency you would normally expect. We’re always upgrading, so you’ll get access to the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology at no extra cost.

Easy Installation

You’re busy running your business, which means the installation process and making the switch from your current provider must be seamless; luckily, our setup process is. Our Business Advisors will take care of you and prioritize your installation.

Competitive Rates

MCSnet offers competitive prices in rural areas, so you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability for your business. We’re committed to providing our customers the best value for their money, and help you choose the plan that addresses all of your business needs.

Business Internet Plans and Pricing

Extreme Unlimited Pro

Free installation with a 2+ year term

Starting cost $199.95/month

Download speed Average 40/Mbps

Upload speed Average 10/Mbps

Monthly traffic Unlimited GB/month

IP addresses 1 dynamic IP address

Dedicated PTP

Free installation with 3+ year term

Starting cost $275/month

Download speed 50–300/Mbps

Upload speed 50–300/Mbps

Monthly traffic Unlimited GB/month

IP addresses Up to 10 static IP addresses

GigAir Corporate

Free installation with 3+ year term

Starting cost $150/month

Download speed Up to 1000/Mbps

Upload speed Up to 1000/Mbps

Monthly traffic Unlimited GB/month

IP addresses Up to 10 static IP addresses

Custom Fiber

Contact us for a fiber construction quote

Starting cost $150/month

Download speed 50–1000/Mbps

Upload speed 50–1000/Mbps

Monthly traffic 10 TB/month

IP addresses Up to 10 static IP addresses

All plans include:

  • Rural Alberta’s most affordable internet at top speeds
  • Live customer support by local Albertans
  • Low latency (internet lag) on a privately owned network
  • Quick and easy installation, in as little as one week

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See How MCSnet has helped Alberta Businesses Grow

We Believe in Helping Our Rural Alberta Business and Communities!

At MCSnet, we are dedicated to supporting local nonprofits, charities, and events by providing free internet services and funding.

We give back in various ways to ensure everyone has access to fast and reliable internet. Here’s how we contribute:

  • Free Internet Partnerships: We offer discounted or complimentary internet services in community buildings, ensuring connectivity is accessible to all.
  • Direct Donations: We provide one-time funding for specific needs, events, or causes, supporting the growth and impact of local organizations.
  • Sponsorships: Through long-term strategic partnerships, we uplift local organizations, enabling them to thrive and make a difference in their communities.

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