Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Radio Receiver Will I Get at My Location?

If you have a clear line of sight to the tower, there's a good chance that we can get you connected to high-speed internet on the current technology or OFDM (orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) when available in your area.

If there are trees between your location and the tower site, then a 900 MHz connection may be required to complete the installation.
We will install the fastest type of technology available that will sustain a consistent and reliable connection to the tower site from your location.

What Does the Max Down Speed Mean?

Max Down Speed (or maximum download speed) refers to the speed at which you receive information from the internet. All of our packages have an average download rate of 30 Mbps and an upload rate of 5 Mbps. As we continue to upgrade our network, you will see much faster speeds.

What Does the Monthly Traffic Mean?

Monthly Traffic means the amount of data that you can send to and receive from the internet on a monthly basis. Most webpages and emails only add up to a relatively small amount of data, but if you plan on watching videos or doing a lot of downloading, then a higher limit would be more suitable for you. For example, A 2-hour Netflix movie can use around 6 GB of data, but there are settings in Netflix to significantly lower this amount by decreasing the resolution quality.

Sign up and Install Process

To sign-up for high speed internet, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the sign-up page and check our availability.

Provide us with your location and contact information and you will see the approximate availability of service in your area.

Step 2: We contact you to schedule an appointment.

If service is available at your location, a representative will call you to arrange an appointment.

Step 3: On site survey and installation.

During the appointment, the field technician will test for signal and install the equipment if possible.

Step 4: Installed and connected.

Once installed, your household will be connected to the internet.

Our Wireless Network

MCSnet uses a network of towers to provide wireless high-speed Internet service to rural areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Click for: Approximate Internet Coverage Map

Service availability is limited by the distance and terrain between your location and the tower site. By filling out the sign-up form, our system will provide you with an estimate of the availability of service in your area.

If internet service may be available at your location, you will receive a call back from a sales and scheduling representative. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and to arrange an appointment to attempt installation if you wish.

If internet service is not available at your location, we cannot attempt an installation. We do keep track of your request. Our service area is constantly expanding and we use your request to help us decide where we will construct our next tower site when expanding our service area.

Installation Process

To install high speed internet in rural areas, MCSnet's technicians follow these four steps:

Description of the installation process:

Step 1: The site physically is surveyed for wireless availability and to confirm you will receive a sufficient signal.

Step 2: We mount a radio receiver on your roof.

Radio with reflector
Yagi antenna used with 900 MHz

Step 3: An outdoor CAT5e cable is run from the radio and into the building

Step 4: We connect the incoming cable to the power adapter inside the location, and connect the line to one computer or internet device and test again for reliable service levels.

Router DYK?

When swapping out your old router for a new one, program the new router with the same SSID and password as the old one. This way, you don't need to change the settings on all of your Wi-Fi-connected devices.