Chief Operations Officer

Heather Starosielski

Chief Innovation Officer

Mark Beland

Chief Project Officer

Jerome VanBrabant

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Sundt

Chief Marketing Officer

Rhonda Lafrance

Human Resources

Kim Gladden

Corporate Sales Manager

Lowell MacDougall

Business Development Manager

Kevin Bernhardt

Sales Representative

Alim Sarangi

Installation/Scheduling Manager

Mindy Bodnar

Technical Support Manager

Michael Hazen

Customer Experience Manager

Erika Turner

Network Manager

Miles Sept

Software Development Manager

Guilherme Perotta

Field Operations Manager

Shea Stratford

Construction Manager

Douglas Pratch

Infrastructure Manager

Stephen Whitford

Gigabit Services Manager

Rhamel Beljica

Fleet Manager

Willie Hladchuk

Marketing Assistant

Jenna Willert

Accounting Clerk

Marina Champagne

Gigabit Coordinator

Mathieu Lajoie

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