MCSnet Icon has a Big Personality

MCSnet is a local, family-owned, rural internet service provider based in St. Paul, Alberta.  Our team works diligently towards bridging the digital divide that many rural communities face. 

In 2019, MCSnet was rebranded, and the new MCSnet logo includes a meaningful icon, as seen above. As you can see, the sky blue, navy blue, and vibrant red in the MCSnet icon is symbolic of an overhead view of three communications towers coming together. This bond forms an extremely accountable structure.

Go ahead, and read below, to learn how we define our brand personality.



Our icon’s rounded corners and lines make an infinite set of loops that illustrate the efforts to maintain consistency and dependability for rural Alberta.  The continuous lines also represent infinite possibilities and a life with no boundaries.


We can all see that the triangle’s strength in the icon is authentic, straightforward, and supportive. We are working towards consistency and transparency with customers and partners.



You can see that the MCSnet icon points to the right, and the icon’s placement reinforces our commitment to innovation and thinking toward the future. It also resembles a “play” symbol and aligns with our motives to keep moving forward and growing beyond.

Community Minded

Above all, our social responsibility is significant to the MCSnet family, and we are connecting many nonprofit organizations with complimentary monthly internet. In addition to giving back to communities and the people directly, we have over 20 FREE Wi-Fi Hotspot locations!

In particular, we support various agriculture, youth, and technological organizations. For example, a nonprofit organization in our service area will visit the Community Connections page and apply for free internet or a donation.

Stay Connected

We want to stay connected with you on social media. It can be seen that we love to feature our Community Connections program and much more on our platforms.

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