Community Connections: Beaverhill Bird Observatory

Nestled on the serene shores of Beaverhill Lake, Alberta, the Beaverhill Bird Observatory (BBO) is a beacon for bird enthusiasts and conservationists alike. MCSnet’s Community Connections program is proud to bridge the digital divide for the Beaverhill Bird Observatory, connecting their remote research sanctuary to the world through a free monthly internet connection. This vital connection empowers the BBO to share their important conservation work, research findings, and educational resources with a global audience, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for Alberta’s rich avian biodiversity.

At the Beaverhill Bird Observatory, their mission is to safeguard Alberta’s natural heritage through education, research, and community engagement, fostering a deep appreciation for the diverse avian life that graces our skies. Thanks to the generous support of MCSnet’s free monthly internet, the remote Alberta sanctuary is connected to the world, opening up a realm of possibilities for us to share their passion and knowledge with Albertans and beyond.

What’s your mission, purpose, and passion as an organization?

Our mission is to promote the conservation of our natural heritage through engagement in education, research, and community activities that foster knowledge and appreciation of natural history in Alberta and elsewhere, with a special emphasis on birds of the Beaverhill Lake area.

How has MCSnet’s donation and complimentary internet connection left a positive impact on your organization?

Beaverhill Bird Observatory’s education and research center is located in a somewhat remote location on the south shore of Beaverhill Lake, Alberta with no cell or Wi-Fi coverage in the forest and limited access in the grasslands. In 2021, we installed solar power, and an 80 foot communication tower which now hosts an MCSnet Wi-Fi receiver dish. With Wi-Fi our staff can communicate with each other, the BBO board, and most importantly the public who visit us and have questions. The Wi-Fi has allowed us to host Zoom meetings, webinars and live podcasts from our remote center. The Wi-Fi also improves communication incase of any emergency. 

Why are you enthusiastic about helping Albertans?

We are enthusiastic about helping Albertans experience wildlife particularly birds up close and personal. We believe with this experience people will appreciate wildlife which will lead to conservation actions by them. 

In what ways has the internet opened up opportunities for your organization?

We are now able to host zoom meetings, webinars and podcasts. Staff and visiting researchers are also able to access the internet to find information critical to their activities.

Can you tell us your favourite story about how you’re making a difference?

A young boy visited and was allowed to hold our ambasador Red-tailed Hawk. He said in a serious clear voice “this is the best day ever”

What does making real connections in your community mean to you?

I hope to pass on the appreciation that I have for the natural world and encourage others to take action to improve our environment. 

If you had one piece of advice for organizations looking to improve connection in rural Alberta, what would it be?

Involve people personally in what you are doing. Experience, Appreciation, Conservation. 

What kind of future do you imagine for rural Alberta?

Our Vision is “Inspire appreciation and conservation of birds and biodiversity in Alberta and elsewhere.”

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The Beaverhill Bird Observatory offers numerous ways to deepen your appreciation for nature and contribute to the preservation of our precious Alberta wildlife. Stay connected with the Beaverhill Bird Observatory and their feathered friends by following them on Facebook for the latest updates, stunning photos, and exciting events. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Alberta’s natural heritage by visiting the sanctuary in person, where you can witness the incredible diversity of birdlife firsthand. Or, explore their website to learn more about their conservation efforts, educational programs, and ongoing research projects.

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