How To Become An Entrepreneur In A Small Town

Small towns can be exciting places to set up shop as an entrepreneur! Here are our top tips to get started.

Advise on how to be an entrepreneur in a small town.

There is a unique energy to rural life which can make it extremely exciting for entrepreneurs. There are opportunities in small communities when you take the time to look for them! The cost of opening up a business in a small town can be far more affordable than trying to launch the same type of business in a city. Also, most communities will rally behind businesses that fill a unique need in their area and provide them with excellent customer service. Here’s how you could become an entrepreneur if you have a great business idea for a small town.

Do Your Due Diligence

As any responsible entrepreneur would, you will have to start by doing your homework! You will need to do some research on the community you will want to start a business. Check out property values and the costs of monthly rent. Ask yourself: Do you have any suppliers? Can inventory be shipped to you via online ordering? Make sure these are all answered before you proceed.

Think of Essential Services

To succeed as an entrepreneur you will need to match your business to customer needs. A major consideration for you will be if the community you currently live in, or the community in which you want to open a business, is large enough to support your type of business. Think of essential businesses every small town needs (and might not currently exist in the community) such as a grocery store, hair salon/barbershop, even a restaurant. It might be a great addition to the community if you have the financial means to start a business such as this.

Think Important Services

If the community has many of these services covered, think about services that might be a significant improvement to the community, but may not already be present. A clothing store, shoe store, a bakery, or even a tutoring service may be great options if the community can support them.

Think Luxury Services

If your community is pretty established and has a variety of business, you might be able to find your niche in a less essential service such as an ice cream shop, coffee shop, bookstore, landscaping or gardening service, bowling alley, or even a massage therapy practice, flower shop, or microbrewery might to great in a rural community.

Think About Your Business Plan

After you know which type of business you want to open, you may need some financing and start-up capital. That means you need to build a business plan. Canada’s banks and financial institutions have plenty of advice on how to prepare a business plan.

Think About Customer Service

Another piece of advice about being an entrepreneur in a rural area is to always put customer service at the front and centre of your operations. The care and effort you put into your product and serving your customers can set you apart from competitors in larger communities and even online. If your service is so top-notch it will impress customers and earn their loyalty. 

MCSnet would love to be the company setting up your business internet and welcoming you as a neighbour in a rural Alberta community! Will you be the next rural entrepreneur?

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