Chromebooks: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Chromebooks have evolved quite a bit over the past decade. Discover if this tech is right for you and your family.

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Chromebooks have been available for over a decade and have evolved quite a bit in that time. What you think you know about them might not be true anymore! It used to be challenging to find a laptop user who would willingly switch over to the Google technology. However, times have changed. 

How are Chromebooks different from laptops?

Leaner than laptops but more powerful than tablets, Chromebooks run on the Google operating system called Chrome OS. When using this technology, you save your work to the cloud, while laptops have local storage. A lot of models have USB ports (the ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook has four!), so you can save files to an external drive, if you need.

On a laptop, you install programs (like Zoom, Microsoft Office, etc.), but on Chromebooks, you use web browser versions or download app versions from the Google Play Store (like Google Drive, YouTube, or Disney+). 

Chromebooks are automatically protected against viruses, and don’t require any anti-virus software like a computer might need. They’re also lighter, smaller, and less expensive than a laptop. Many models have a longer battery life as well. Some even have a touch screen (like the Asus Chromebook Flip).

What makes Chromebooks so great?

While it used to be quite basic, the Chrome OS now includes Android apps and Linux software. Higher-end Chromebooks feature more efficient storage, more memory, and faster processors.

When Chromebooks were first available, they only worked when you had an internet connection. Now, Google has improved offline capabilities for popular apps like Spotify, Netflix, and more—so you can continue to access them without Wi-Fi. This makes Chromebooks a great option for entertainment and getting work done. 

Some Chromebooks, like the Google Pixelbook, have a built-in assistant, which can make navigating your day a lot easier.

What can’t you do with a Chromebook?

A common concern for those debating laptops versus Chromebooks is access to Microsoft Office. While there are web-based and Android versions of the programs, you can’t download the full Office software to a Chromebook. Additionally, if you do a lot of photo or video work, you’ll probably want to avoid this type of technology. There are some Android apps available (including Adobe programs), but you’ll likely want a Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop if you’re doing anything beyond the basics. 

While you can use certain programs offline, there is still a need to be online for a lot of the Chromebook experience. Chromebooks rely on cloud storage instead of local storage, so to access your files, you need an internet connection. 

Get your Chromebook up and running

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