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MCSNet Recommends


Mozilla Firefox for browsing the web.
For those on an old OS like Windows XP, upgrading from old IE to Firefox is highly recommended.


Mozilla Thunderbird for retrieving your emails.
Built in junk mail controls and message filtering make this preferred over using webmail.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials for virus protection on Win 7 and older. Windows Defender is bundled with Windows 8 and 10, for built-in virus and malware protection.
Remember to uninstall your current anti-virus program before installing another one.

These programs are free, and a nice quick way to get them is with the ninite.com website, where you can easily select the programs you want and it will help get them installed quickly.

Adblock Plus

Using an ad blocking extension with your browser, like Adblock Plus, will help to block ads, which can be a source of confusion, infections, and unwanted software.

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New Webmail Interface

October 23rd, 2017

The new webmail interface had some issues on Android, so it has been reverted. If you liked the new 'Larry' look, you can adjust to it in the webmail settings. Here is a support page with more info on changing the look

Streaming Video Netflix/Youtube Usage and Smoothness Help

If your Netflix subscription is running you into the usage cap, or isn't running smoothly, click this link for adjusting the usage setting can help.

Similarly, the Magic Actions add-on for Firefox or Chrome can fix Youtube issues as well.

Security Alert: Email Fraud Warning

A common scam through emails is a phishing scam. Phishing is where someone sends you an email claiming to be from a business, asking you to reply with your username and password or other private or secure information.

We will never send you an unsolicited email asking you for these details, and you should never respond to these emails, please just delete them.

When a phishing attempt like this occurs, we quickly take steps to try and block any more of the emails entering our system, and also block any attempts to reply to the emails. MCSNet's outgoing servers have a good sending reputation, and spammers and scammers would like to take advantage of that.

Wi-Fi can slow you down

When speeds are a concern, use a cable instead of Wi-Fi.

A cabled connection will provide more bandwidth, better latency, and improved reliability. Wi-Fi may be convenient for avoiding the cabling setup, but if you plan to stay in your current residence for a length of time, it may be worth it to get a cable or two run to endow the best experience through your local network.

Protect Your Devices From Power Surges

May 21st, 2015

With thunderstorm season approaching, please help to protect your equipment by ensuring that it is behind a grounded surge suppressor.

If you are in a rural area where there are large spikes in the power and a higher chance of a direct lightning strike, the best protection is to physically unplug your devices from the outlets during an active electrical storm.