Setting up your E-mail

MCSnet Incoming server uses IMAP (port 143) server type.

Incoming server: startTLS encryption (security)
Outgoing server: Port 465

SSL encryption (security) clear text authentication (your email and password)

If you are using a mobile device like iphone or Android or Windows Phone, we recommend using a gmail or account for your email on that device instead of an account for ease of use and added security.

Thunderbird (recommended)

After installing Thunderbird or adding a mail account, you will be welcomed with the following window:

Step 1:
Enter your name, email address, and password and click on Continue:

Thunderbird will try to automatically grab the server settings, please compare to the picture below.

Step 2:
After shows these settings, click on Done


iPhone or iPad

Email Setup for iPhone, iPad or iPod

Dedicated iphone and ipad support is available through apple’s hotline (800) 263-3394

Recommendation: Use and setup a Gmail or account on the Device

Using a web based email account like gmail or for sending and receiving messages avoids the difficulty of adjusting the outgoing server settings as your phone connects to different networks. It’s also easier, and has added security for when you are connecting in the wild.

If your don’t already have a gmail or account, please create one:

  • Gmail (by Google)
  • (by Microsoft)
Set the account up on your device:

Settings -> ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ -> ‘Add Account…’ -> Etc.

Please contact apple (800) 263-3394 if you require support

Although it is not recommended or supported by MCSnet, you can also configure your device to retrieve emails. Please contact apple (800) 263-3394 for support with this, the settings are below.

Incoming server: startTLS encryption (security)
Outgoing server: Port 465

SSL encryption (security) clear text authentication (your email and password)

The outgoing server listed above will not work while connecting to outside networks, like the cell towers, please use a gmail or account for best results as you connect to different networks.

Microsoft Outlook 2003

After opening Outlook 2003, you will be greeted with the following screen. If you do not get this screen, you can start the account creation wizard by opening the tools menu at the top and select email accounts – where you can select add a new email account and click next.

Click next on the following screen:

Select POP3 and Click next:

  • Enter your name as you would like it to appear
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter for the incoming server name
  • Enter for the outgoing server name
  • Enter your password in the password field
    Note: if you are using a domain other than, please specify the full email address
    in the ‘User Name’ field.
  • Click next to continue

Clicking finish is the last step:

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Click on the tools menu:

Click on Account Settings:

Click on New… :

Enter your name, email, and then check the box for Manually configure… (5), then click Next:

Make sure that Internet E-mail is selected and click Next:

Enter for the incoming and outgoing servers, enter your username and password, click Next:

Note: If you are using a domain other than, please specify the full email address
in the ‘User Name’ field.

Click Finish, and you’re done!

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Click on File, then click on Add Account

Select Manually configure settings, then click next

Enter the fields in order. Your name is whatever you would like to display with your email address for people to help recognize who the messages are coming from.

Select IMAP as the account type, and the incoming and outgoing server name are both

Once the fields are filled out, click Next to finish the account setup.

Gmail Setup

Setting Gmail to Retrieve Your Emails

To start, if you do not already have a gmail account (or google account), you’ll need one.
Go to and set one up.

Changing the settings in Gmail

  • Log into your gmail account
  • In the upper right, click the gear (as indicated in picture below)
    in the menu that appears below the gear, click settings,
    near the top of the settings area, select ‘Accounts and Import’,
    then further down on the same page select “Add a POP3 mail account you own”Picture indicating the steps, starting at 1. and following the red arrow at each step.

  • Enter your email

  • Select the import option

  • Enter your password, and check the box to ‘Leave a copy of the messages on the server

  • Now you have the option if you want Gmail to send as your email, you are done at this step if you do not want to set Gmail to send as your email.

  • Enter the Name you would like to show up, and uncheck the ‘Treat as alias’ box

  • Enter for the server name, enter your username and password and use port 465

  • Verification, last step where gmail just makes sure the account you setup belongs to you. They will send your an email with a verification code to put in the box.

Email Troubleshooting

Please try searching for any email errors in google, it is very common for the description of the issue and a fix posted within the first few results.

Nearly all email errors are the result of three things (from most common to least):
  • Antivirus program (Norton, Mcafee, AVG, etc.) is blocking communication, where the fix is disabled or re-install the program or replace it with a better one like Microsoft Security Essentials (free, and it does not break email).
  • Incorrect settings. Please use the guides above for the proper settings for a mail account while connecting through MCSnet. If you are connecting through a different Internet provider then you will need to use their outgoing server settings instead. The MCSnet outgoing (SMTP) mail server may only be used from within the MCSnet network.
  • Corruption of the mail storage in the email program. This might be a sign of issues starting with the physical hard drive on your computer if the data is starting to corrupt, but you will often have to re-create your mail storage folders to fix this.

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