Why we are keeping internet limits in place

We have received a number of requests to provide free, unlimited internet to customers during this time of social isolation. If we gave everyone unlimited access to the internet, the internet would no longer be functional. It would be similar to if the grocery stores offered free, unlimited food to customers; we would have no food left. 

What we are providing customers is a one month, free upgrade to a higher package IF YOU NEED IT. Please call us to receive this complimentary upgrade. For example, if you are on the Ultra package with 600 GB per month, Customer Service will move you up to the Extreme package with 1,000 GB per month at no extra cost to you FOR ONE MONTH. You will remain on the higher package and be charged for that package if you do not call Customer Service back to downgrade after ONE MONTH.

Just as you are asked not to hoard toilet paper and food, please do not hoard your internet usage. Our priority is to provide reliable internet service for those working or studying from home, and for all of us to keep in touch with loved ones. If you do not need that music or TV streaming in the background, please turn it off. 

We all need to do our part and keep others in mind during these unprecedented times. Thank you for your patience as we charter this unknown territory.