Why go Unlimited?

Have you noticed that some websites take a long time to load on your device? Some sites will give you the option to download the essentials and skip the animations or videos, but if you are loading the full website, you are using up more of your monthly traffic limit.

In order to keep up with all of the streaming demands available on the internet, MCSnet recently introduced two Extreme Unlimited packages. Please note this is completely different from the slow, “unlimited” mode we provide as a service when you go over your monthly traffic limit. The Extreme Unlimited and Extreme Unlimited Pro packages are high speed internet with NO monthly traffic limit. And unlike some other internet providers, we do NOT limit your traffic once you hit a certain traffic rate, as long as it is not abused.*

Our Extreme Unlimited packages also come in handy if you are considering streaming instead of using traditional cable and satellite. When you compare the amount of streaming you can do on an Extreme Unlimited package, versus your monthly cable/satellite bill, it makes sense to “cut the cable”.

Other options with an Extreme Unlimited package include using smart home devices to monitor your home security, control power usage on your energy-sucking devices, and even turn your lights on and off automatically with sensors. 

The options are limitless with an Extreme Unlimited package.

*MCSnet Unlimited packages are intended for use by a single household or small business. We reserve the right to limit traffic if usage is higher than what we consider reasonable and significantly above average.

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