Installations now in progress

UPDATE (June 4, 2020): Installations are now in progress using a new method so that installers do not need to enter your home or business. These are temporary installations and technicians will return to install a permanent connection once it is safe to do so.

MCSnet halted all installations in March due to the physical distancing requirements by our chief medical officers of health. After testing a new form of installation using flat patch cables, we are pleased to announce that we have resumed installations.

The installer will complete all of the work outside of your home or business and then use a flat patch cable (similar to the one seen here) to connect your router on the inside of your home. The installer will remain outside of your building at all times and will follow all physical distancing and hygiene requirements.

Once we resume installations and Customer Service has gathered your required documentation (signed contract, pre-authorized payment method, government identification, etc.), we will contact you when installations are occurring in your area.

We ask for your patience as we continue to secure supplies and schedule installations for each of our service areas. We hope to get to your installation as soon as we can.