“…we knew the internet had the power to bring us closer to our loved ones.”

Over the past 25 years, our company has grown and evolved with the times, but our roots have always guided everything we do.

That means treating our customers like neighbours, with kindness, respect and honesty. It means giving you fast internet you can rely on today, while reimagining our technology for tomorrow. But, it also means giving back to our community in meaningful and inclusive ways.

You may have seen our friendly faces at local events, sponsoring sports teams or volunteering with students. That’s because investing in Albertans is an integral part of our culture. We take a strategic approach to community investment, following pillars that guide us toward the most impact.

This book is an invitation to rural Albertans. Here, you can learn about our guiding values, strategic partnerships and event sponsorships. If you believe your organization could benefit from our support, be sure to review the eligibility criteria and apply on our website.

Because, now more than ever, we need to nurture our communities, so we can all thrive together.

Our Purpose

Through our community investment initiatives, we build stronger rural Albertan communities by:

  • Partnering with agricultural societies and events
  • Supporting youth to live a life with no boundaries
  • Evolving internet technology and infrastructure

Community Pillars

We focus our community investment efforts on agriculture, youth and technology, with a priority placed on requests that address all three pillars.


Events that gather the community together to celebrate the agricultural industry and its traditions, such as rodeos and agriculture expositions.


Empowering youth aged 15 to 24 to live a life with no boundaries through learning opportunities, support systems or unique experiences.


Encouraging technological innovation related to the internet or educating the public on the topic.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for our community investment program, your organization must:

  • Fall under at least one of MCSnet’s community investment pillars (agriculture, youth, technology)
  • Be located within MCSnet’s service coverage area
  • Align with MCSnet’s values
  • Not compete with stakeholders’ best interests

How Do I Apply?


Submit your application on our website form.


Tell us the details about your cause, event or company, how you could benefit from MCSnet’s support and why you align with our community investment pillars.


Your application form will be sent to MCSnet’s Marketing Coordinator for review.


Our Marketing Coordinator will approve, deny or send a request for more information.

A formal application form must be submitted on the website for your request to be considered. Informal emails, phone calls or in-person conversations must be followed up with a formal application. This process ensures that all requests receive equal attention and consideration.


We are proud to have partnership agreements with the following organizations:


Let’s Connect

Curious about how our community investment initiative works? Want to know if you’d be a good fit? Reach out to us and we’ll answer any questions you have.

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