Speed Test

Please suspend all downloading and network activity before attempting this test.

Speedtest.net Mini requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

Quoted speeds are max rates, average rates may be lower with higher tower/network load. Peak usage times are usually in the late evenings.

Top Expected Transfer Rates
Package Maximum Downlink Speed Maximum Uplink Speed
Lite *with 900 MHz radio: up to about 1 Mbps
Up to about 1.7 Mbps
*with 900 MHz radio: up to about 300 kbps
Up to about 500 kbps
Basic *with 900 MHz radio: up to about 1.7 Mbps
Up to about 3 Mbps
*with 900 MHz radio: up to about 450 kbps
Up to about 750 kbps
Advanced *with 900 MHz radio: up to about 3 Mbps
Up to about 5 Mbps
*with 900 MHz radio: up to about 600 kbps
Up to about 1000 kbps

Home Wifi is the Most Common Source of Performance Issues

Recent studies have revealed that consumers lose an average of 30% of download speed and face an increase in latency of 10-20% when using Wi-Fi (wireless through wireless router) connections in the home. Consumers may find on-line game play, VoIP telephony and video streaming unsatisfactory when using Wi-Fi. Downloading large files such as MP3s, videos, and programs will take longer.

Not getting your expected speeds? Speeds are quoted as the top possible speeds, average rates are expected to be lower depending on the network load in your area, where the highest load is usually in the late evenings, but you might try this with another computer, or if you have a router, please try by-passing it.

* A low frequency radio of 900 MHz is often used for difficult or longer shots communicating through trees and other obstacles. Speeds are expected to be about 35-40% slower when using a 900 MHz transmitter.

The Home Intro package (down speed up to 0.4 Mbps) no longer exists as a package option.

Please contact us (support@mcsnet.ca) with questions or concerns.

If you are having trouble with using the test above (ie. no Flash support), the old speed test page can be found at http://support.mcsnet.ca/speedtest

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