MCSnet - High Speed Internet in Rural Alberta - Announcements



New MCSnet Logo

June, 2019

MCSnet is pleased to show off our new logo.

MCSnet logo

CEO Jerico Vanbrabant

November 1st, 2018

MCSnet is pleased to announce the appointment of Jerico VanBrabant as our new Chief Executive Officer.

Jerico has many years of experience in Customer Service, Information Technology & Management. More recently Jerico has held the position of Chief Technology Officer with MCSnet for the past 8 years.

MCSnet welcomes Jerico’s experience and leadership and we wish him all the success to lead the way forward.


Security Alert: Email Fraud Warning, Fake Surveys

If you see a pop-up survey from MCSnet, it's a scam. If you get an email pretending to be from MCSnet asking for your password, or to click a link to some odd site, it's a scam. We have no online surveys and we will never ask you for your password, and any electronic communication from MCSnet will come from MCSnet and reply to MCSnet, for example and

Wi-Fi can slow you down

When speeds are a concern, use a cable instead of Wi-Fi.

A cabled connection will provide more bandwidth, better latency, and improved reliability. Wi-Fi may be convenient for avoiding the cabling setup, but if you plan to stay in your current residence for a length of time, it may be worth it to get a cable or two run to endow the best experience through your local network.

Streaming Video Netflix/Youtube Usage and Smoothness Help

If your Netflix subscription is running you into the usage cap, or isn't running smoothly, click this link for adjusting the Netflix usage setting can help.

Similarly, the Magic Actions add-on for Firefox or Chrome can fix Youtube issues as well.

Taking Out the Trash

March 21st, 2012

We will be emptying the trash folders for all e-mail accounts.

If you have important messages in trash, please dust them off and give them a nice folder to stay in. The trash folders will be emptied automatically. In the average mailbox, the trash is taking up about 25% of the used message space. We will never email you asking for your password or asking you to click a link.

Protect Your Devices From Power Surges

May 21st, 2015

With thunderstorm season approaching, please help to protect your equipment by ensuring that it is behind a grounded surge suppressor.

If you are in a rural area where there are large spikes in the power and a higher chance of a direct lightning strike, the best protection is to physically unplug your devices from the outlets during an active electrical storm.


Mozilla Firefox for web browsing

Chrome is more popular, but who wants Google to control everything?

Mozilla Thunderbird for email

This is much better than webmail for checking your email. It has built in junk controls and filtering, and the setup is virtually automatic. If you are on mobile, you might be best off using the an or with their excellent apps.

An Adblocker, like Adblock Plus or ublock origin

Helps to block ads, which are more than an annoyance but a source of confusion, infections, and unwanted software.